Episode 17: Simplifying DTC in the Wine Biz

Welcome back, my loyal listeners. You know, I’ve been talking about marketing technology in the wine biz for several years now, and one of my biggest frustrations is the slowness of adoption of marketing technologies in the biz. It still lags behind many other industries, and, you know, I keep feeling we’re falling behind. That…

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Episode 16: Beverage Industry Compliance Tips and Tricks

One of the many challenges facing beverage marketers is working within a highly regulated industry. Selling Wine and Spirits can be complicated for the uninitiated.

From knowing the difference between a front label and a brand label, to the strict limits on samples to retailers, to Tied House laws and social media. Remaining compliant with the laws of the land is kind of a requirement.

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Episode 15: Blogging and Digital Communication in the Wine Biz

Welcome, Hit the Bottle listeners, I’m your host, Michael Wangbickler. When you have an opportunity to spend an hour with one of your respected peers, it’s a refreshing experience. It makes you remember why you do what you do, and that there are others out there that have similar experiences and thoughts, especially one of…

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Episode 12: Building Positive Emotional Experiences

Welcome back, HDB listeners. I’m Michael Wangbickler. As I mentioned in our last episode, we have about 10 episodes we recorded late last year that we are rolling out over the next two months. The following show is one of those. Angelica Mabray is a rock star in the Napa Sonoma wine scene, currently the…

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