Episode 27: Wine Media in the Wine Biz

On today’s episode, Mike talks with his good friend, Jeff Siegel, otherwise known as the Wine Curmudgeon; writer, author of The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine, and excellent freelance writer. The two discuss wine media – how it’s changed from the ‘good old days’, and how it continues to change moving into the future….

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Episode 26: Cheers to Vinexpo and Drinks America

Today we chat with Beckie Kier, Event Director for Vinexpo America and Drinks America, who has led the team on the U.S.-based Vinexpo event since its launch in 2018. Learn all about how Vinexpo New York transformed to Vinexpo America, and the brand-new Drinks America that was created in response to a forecasted continuing rise…

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Episode 25: All About WineFuture 2021

Four crises happening at once – pandemic, economic recession, climate crisis and systemic inequalities – the largest (and perhaps best) online conference we’ll probably see this year addresses all four: WineFuture 2021. On today’s episode, Mike and Emma are joined by our esteemed guests, Pancho Campo and David Furer, the ringleaders of this auspicious conference,…

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