Episode 1: Oh Data My Data

The sheer quantity of big data available to us marketers can feel overwhelming. The term drinking from a firehouse comes to mind. But without solid data points on which to make business decisions, we’re stumbling around in the dark. In this, our first episode of Hit the Bottle, we chat with a friend and visionary leader who is revolutionizing the way we look at data in the beverage business; Hosts Michael Wangbickler and Emma Criswell lead a discussion on how interpreting market intelligence and customer data can help us build better marketing programs; and our tip of the week is how to implement data-driven marketing. 

Notes from the Show:

Paul Mabray – https://www.emetry.io/

Thea Dwelle – http://vinewire.biz/

Susan DeMatei – https://www.wineglassmarketing.com/

Taylor Eason – https://corkandforkmedia.com/

Balzac Communicatons – https://www.balzac.com