Episode 8: Shipping, DTC, and 3-Tier

Forty years ago, only four states allowed for legal wine shipments to consumers. Today, 45 states allow shipments, with restrictions, from out of state wineries; but only 13 states and DC allow direct shipments from retailers. Shipping spirits is even more restrictive. On today’s episode, we chat with a gentleman whose company is making it easier for small-to-mid size producers to direct ship. Our discussion is about the challenges and opportunities wineries have shipping direct and through 3-tier distribution, and our tip of the week concerns the best method to ship free samples to media contacts.

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Show Notes

Steven Harrison – https://vinoshipper.com/

Cheryl Durzy – https://libdib.com/

Balzac Communications – https://balzac.com or @balzacomm

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