Episode 6: Finding Balance

A note about today’s episode… every mistake is a learning opportunity. Boy, did we learn a lot this episode. I may host this podcast, but I’m no audio engineer. Imagine my surprise when I went to edit the final and most of MY audio was garbled. I screwed up a setting with the recording software. Oops. So this episode took an extra day to edit, and even then, I did the best I could. You’ll notice some funkiness with certain sections. All I can say is that the content is amazing, and well worth looking past some audio ticks. 

According to a 2018 survey report by Annum Health (now defunct), drinking and the workplace is an issue. The report highlights risky behavior, impacts on employee performance, and how there is a lack of knowledge of what to do about it. As members of the wine trade, it’s often hard to maintain healthy habits while being surrounded by such abundance. Our culture can lead directly to over consumption of alcohol, overindulgence of rich foods, and lack of sleep. These can all effect physical and mental health. In today’s episode, we discuss maintaining wellness and balance in the beverage biz with the co-founder of a Balanced Glass, and online community focused on these subjects. Emma and I chat with an individual who has chosen and maintained a healthy lifestyle for three years which led to an impressive transformation. And our tip of the week gives us pointers on healthy habits we can enact today.

Show Notes:

Contact information for @abalancedglass:

The cost of alcohol in society: Center for Disease Control: Excessive Drinking is Draining the US Economy

Physiological effects of booze on the body: NIAAA: Alcohol’s Effects on the Body

Contact information for Elizabeth Smith: