Episode 4: Digital Marketing Basics

We’re living in the digital age. We have powerful computers in our pockets, and zettabytes of traffic move through the internet. We now have more access to information than ever before, but beverage producers still struggle to make it work for them. On this week’s episode I chat with a colleague about Facebook, Google, Mailchimp and lookalike audiences. Plus what’s new and next. I also lead a discussion on setting a digital marketing strategy, making the investment, and a few simple tactics anyone can start today. And out tip of the week is about Instagram advertising.

Show Notes


Simon Solis Cohen – https://www.hwy29creative.com

Vanessa Hadick – https://premiercrusolutions.com/

Shana Bull – http://shanabull.com

Cristian Ventura – https://winemarketingtx.com/

Balzac Communications – https://balzac.com


Instagram Advertising – http://business.instagram.com

INSIDE A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETERS SCHEDULE – http://shanabull.com/hello-from-shana