Episode 10: Wonderful Websites

If eyes are the window to the soul, a website is the window to your business. It tells your story, communicates your vision, and sells your products. It is often the first contact that you have with your customers, so getting it right is critical. On today’s show, we chat with Peter Andres at Wine Works on what makes for good winery website design and development. Emma and I have a discussion with Taylor Eason of Cork and Fork Digital Media and Julianna Kuetemeyer of Conspire about website metrics and how to measure the effectiveness of digital programs, and our tip of the week is about tech tools you can use to gather customer data and make your website work for you.

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Show Notes:

Peter Andres – https://wineworks.co/

Julianna Kuetemeyer – Conspire – https://www.conspire.agency/

Taylor Eason – https://corkandforkmedia.com/

Balzac Communications – https://balzac.com