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Episode 05: Data Redux

Beverage producers have access to oodles of data. From DTC customers to key accounts to media contacts, data is the oil that makes the machine run, to coin a phrase from our friend Paul Mabray. In today’s episode, Mike Wangbickler interviews a visionary in the space, who is looking at how wineries and wine regions...

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Episode 4: Digital Marketing Basics

We’re living in the digital age. We have powerful computers in our pockets, and zettabytes of traffic move through the internet. We now have more access to information than ever before, but beverage producers still struggle to make it work for them. On this week’s episode I chat with a colleague about Facebook, Google, Mailchimp...

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Episode 3: DTC and other TLAs

According to the 2019 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report by Sovos and Wines Vines Analytics, the value of the DTC shipping channel reached $3 billion in 2018, up from $2.69 billion in 2017. Volume was up by 9% to 6.3 million cases, and the average price per bottle increased to $39.70. All this means is that...

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Episode 2: eCommerce is Commerce

In 2018, Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce market hit 49%. That’s 5% of all retail sales across the country. They did this by giving people want they want… a convenient way to shop, personalized service, and fast delivery. What can the wine industry learn from this, what are the common mistakes, and what tools...

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Episode 1: Oh Data My Data

The sheer quantity of big data available to us marketers can feel overwhelming. The term drinking from a firehouse comes to mind. But without solid data points on which to make business decisions, we’re stumbling around in the dark. In this, our first episode of Hit the Bottle, we chat with a friend and visionary...

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